Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I hate it when my spidey sense is right

I've been worried about Dylan.  Something felt off.   He's been having behavior issues off and on the whole year.  I'd say 90% of those issues are sensory related.  I just didn't feel they were managing his Sensory Processing Disorder or SPD correctly.  I was right.

Last week he had a perfect week. No issues with behavior at school or even at home really. I had noticed that a lot of the stimming he was doing at home (verbal and physical) was greatly reduced. He seemed more calm, more center. Not so much this week.

He came home Monday and was a bit of a sensory junkie. I knew the report wasn't going to be great before I even opened his book. The notes stated "had a great morning, not so great afternoon". Can someone please tell me what the hell that is supposed to mean? How can I help the teacher if I don't have details. GRRR okay, I know she's busy and can only do so much so I'll leave it alone.

Last night, when I went to pick him up, he was playing and throwing himself to the ground. ~insert HUGE red flag~ He was also being mouthy (chewing on anything he could) and being fresh with me. I usually will look through his stuff at daycare while he plays. I just couldn't bring myself to look at it.

I got home, opened it and sighed. Dylan had a terrible day culminating with him hitting another child. Ugh, I feel so bad! Now, if you have never had a child with an articulation disorder, you won't know the heartbreak it is to see your child suffering but he just can't get the words out. He looked like he was in physical pain when I was asking him what happened. He couldn't get the words out. I have no idea what happened. I emailed the teacher.

Her response was that she wasn't there when it happened (I think he was in art) and would find out from the teacher. She said that his afternoons are rough. She thinks it's because he's tired. He spins in his seat, won't sit still (stimming) and they are using a sensory diet but it doesn't appear to be working.

My response to her was explaining that he is used to long days and yes, while he does get tired in the afternoon, if his sensory needs are met, he should be able to attend to his work.  I also asked... "What tools are you using in the classroom?  Are they being used consistently or in response to behavior?  Do you feel an aid for Dylan would be in order?"

 When I observed in his classroom a week or so ago, I noticed that he was stimming.  I waited to see how it would be handled.  It took him sliding off his chair onto the floor under the table before the aid went and got his weighted vest.  He immediately calmed down.

I think it's time to request a meeting with the child study team leader - I want another OT session added to his IEP (he gets 2) and, depending on the response I get from his teacher, I may demand he get an aid.

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  1. Sorry things aren't going quite right but way to go mama for pushing for your kid!