Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Poop in the Potty - Poop goes in the potty!

I have no idea who's in this video on You Tube - I love the song and so does Dylan. Apparently it made an impact because when Marc and I were away this weekend we got a call from my Mom.... he pooped on the potty! I think we can officially say we are in full potty training mode :)


  1. YAY DYLAN!!!!

    Once you figure it out come over and show Carlton how to do this potty thing. :)

    Guess who will be watching this video tomorrow.

  2. WOOOHOOOO! we used to sing a silly song....peepee in the potty! peepee in the potty! seemed to help with potty training.

    Dylan's gonna be all grown up and in college before ya know it! First the potty, then his phd. It goes toooo quickly, my friend.

  3. Hey, it's been almost 2 months how, how's it going with the potty? BTW, I've started blogging again and have been looking up some of the other blogs I used to follow. You should have plenty of interesting things to post about by now!

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