Thursday, January 15, 2009

A new additions to the family!

Easy there folks - it's not what you think :)

After losing Shadow this summer, we decided no more pets for a while. Then we went to Colorado to visit Marc's family for Thanksgiving. His Dad has two wonderful dogs, a cat and a visiting cat. Dylan was in heaven! Played with the cats and dogs almost non-stop. One morning, on the cats decided to wake us both up for a snuggle at 6:00 a.m. Marc looked at me and said "you're going to think I'm crazy but...." I laughed and said "I miss it too".

Introducing the newest additions to our family... Buttercup (gray) and Wesley (orange) who joined our family thanks to the rescue efforts of the Camden County SPCA..

Evening Snuggly 1


  1. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Sweet kitties! Congrats on your blog award. If you like cats, you'll love Cat Saturday. Every Saturday my cats take over my blog
    The Boomer Muse