Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Time to pick the internet's brains a bit.

Dylan isn't extremely verbal. He gets into these fits (like this morning) where he'll whine he wants something. He won't verbal what it is other than to say "want dat". When we try to get him to "use his words" he just gets more frustrated. When we finally figure it out it seems to set him off into a tizzy that includes him saying "no want that" and then, when we remove the item from his view, reach, whatever, he flips out yelling. We give it back, "No want that", take it away, flips out - often times biting his hand.

So wise internet - give me some tools here... please.


  1. I loved this post and this blog.
    have a nice day

  2. When you figure it out let me know! :)

    Carlton does the same thing saying "this one" over and over again, but we have no idea what "this one" is. I usually get him to show me what he wants and then I tell him what it is and have him repeat it to me. He's starting to catch on to some of the things.

    Good Luck. :)

  3. I would suggest it's because he's three. I think the "threes" are much worse than the "terrible twos". It's a combination of frustration and power play.

    Our Marianna turned three in May and sometimes I wonder whether we should have called Damien. Her tantrums are huge and too regular and triggered by the slightest non-problem. Argh.

    This is just a stage... which will eventually be replaced by a worse stage. May the Force be with you.