Monday, April 21, 2008


So tell me - wonderful internet people - do you and your significant other truly co-parent? How do you handle discipline.

I really need to get a better handle on this discipline thing. I am so tired of feeling like the bad guy. Dylan will pitch a fit and I feel like I am the only person willing to handle it. I've asked Marc several times if I am going over board and he's said no so.... how do you handle co-parenting when disciplining your child. Oh, and by discipline, I am referring to giving time-outs, removing child from a situation when they are acting up, etc.

I'd also love to hear any creative parenting techniques. Dylan has fallen in love with throwing and has quite the impressive arm. This is completely acceptable when we are tossing a ball. It's completely unacceptable when it's french toast and we are sitting in a restaurant and he managed to nail a guy in the head that is sitting across the isle from us (I shit you not).

Ahhhh, the trying two's!


  1. Funny you should mention this. Dh and I were just talking about this. I am the bad guy in our house. We are now trying to do the discipline together (if we are together when it happens). DH will stand next to me and basically repeat what I say. "Mommy is right we do not throw" and we place her together in time out. Does that make sense?

  2. Consistency is key. If it's mommy's rule and mommy's consequences, daddy better have the same rule and consequences too. (and vice versa.) Dylan needs to see that there is no good cop/bad cop but 2 cops that aren't putting up with toast fling-a-thon 2008. ;o)

    And Marc needs to be the one to lay down the law once in a while with you backing him up...which means we (cuz I do this too) have to slow down and let the dads do it. I think our reaction time is faster so we are on top of whatever bad behavior is going on before let dads have a go.

    Hope that helps! (so happy you are back!)

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