Saturday, March 25, 2006

What I Accomplished Today.

Jack Shit. That's what. Dylan awoke this morning wheezing up a storm. His coughing had gotten worse and now he was wheezing. I called the doctor's office and spoke with the after hours nurse. She said she wanted Dylan seen so we had a 10:45 appointment. We left after 2:00! Dylan is now on a nebulizer and antibiotics. Poor kid has an ear infection and it's irritating his bronchial passages (thus the nebulizer). I have to say - this nebulizer thing is the devil to Dylan. I don't think he's cried as much in the three months we've been with him than he did today. For each of the 10 minute treatments he just wailed. Tears and all. We tried giving him a treatment while he slept on my nap. That didn't go over well. I'm sure he's scarred for life and will tell his therapist that I traumatized him by doing that. Why do I feel so guilty? I know I did everything I was supposed to do up to this point but I just feel like if I had brought him in sooner, he may not have needed all of this shit (meds). He's on amoxicilon which I am allergic to. Because I had such a bad reaction to it, I'm very paranoid. I think I may have to glue the baby monitor to my head tonight. I do have to say that the doctor was impressed with Dylan. She wasn't Dylan's regular doctor. She was one of her partners. She couldn't believe that this baby, with 101 fever, infected ear and coughing up a storm was, when not coughing, smiling and charming everyone. We weren't surprised. That's Dylan.


  1. More than likely, Dylan's crankiness to the nebulizer is a reaction to the medication, which will make him pretty "buzzed" and put that with a very tired little guy and a body in total conflict, he's going to cry because he doesn't know what to do.

    If you can, arrange the nebulizer after he's just waking up from a good nap/night sleep. Since he'll be rested, he'll have time to let the medicine do it's thing before he gets tired again. I have to do nebs occassionally and we had to do them on X as a baby as well.

  2. Anonymous9:10 AM

    I don't know much about infections and babies -- I just hope Dylan feels better really soon!

  3. Anonymous10:26 PM

    I hope he feels better real soon!

  4. I hope Dylan feels better. I know my baby had to use a nebulizer when he had RSV and the doctor said that if he cried it was better because he would take in more of the medicine although I know if breaks your heart to hear him crying.

  5. Anonymous11:05 AM

    "Why do I feel so guilty..?"
    Julie, that is called "mommy guilt" a wonderful thing that mothers experience...what is the cure, you might ask? Well, there is no cure, but the natural order of things allows us as mothers to guilt our children out about stupid things later on in life :O)
    Hope Dylan is feeling better soon!!

  6. Anonymous2:28 PM

    I am mostly a lurker, but my daughter has to use a nebulizer everyday, and she had the same reaction as your son at first. She is nearly 3 now, and is no longer afraid of her nebulizer, so it does ger better. I hope Dylan doesn't have to use it everyday, but if he does, they make the breathing masks in different shapes. For example, my daughter has one that looks like a dragon and the "smoke" comes out of the dragon's nose. If I can find the link, I will post it for you.

    Good luck!

  7. Hope the munchkin starts to feel better soon!

  8. Anonymous9:24 PM

    I have to use a nebulizer every once in awhile too. It ain't fun and for a baby it could be frightening. I think it's kinda hard to tell when your baby is sick when you are a new mom. If that's all Dylan has to tell a therapist you'll be in great shape. You are a great mom!

    Best wishes for both of you.

  9. Anonymous8:56 AM

    He will get used to the nebulizer. And it will become your best friend. It will save you many, many trips to the doctor and/or hospital. My son has been having treatments since he was Dylan's age, and he (10 now) falls asleep now when he gets a treatment. Hang in there.


  10. Anonymous7:08 AM

    Thanks for the comment on my post! I am not sure how convinced I am, but you've got me thinking now. Maybe one problem with it all is that we only find out about their intentions to adopt after they have started the process. How long did it take you to adopt Dylan?