Friday, March 10, 2006

Just bop bop bopping along!

I am so tired of using the stroller on the train I can't begin to tell you. It's big, cumbersome and gets in everyone's way. Before we had left for Guatemala, I had picked up the Ultimate Baby Wrap. Well, I couldn't figure it out and it ended up stuffed back in our suitcase. I have a friend who uses a wrap and she came by the office to teach me how to use it (even let me use her daughter as a test subject. Well, this morning off we went to the train but instead of dumping Dylan into his stroller, he got strapped to my chest! I had him facing out and he absolutely loved it (as did I). I was able to get through the turnstile so much easier, I didn't have to deal with the elevator, it was wonderful! Plus, because we didn't have the stroller, we could sit down. We managed to score a seat in the very front of the train - so Dylan could look out of the front window. He was fascinated by the world flying by him. We then spent Saturday Morning walking around a lovely park. We watched the dogs and babies and just enjoyed the warm sun. It was heavenly! On Saturday afternoon I threw together a lasagne. I'm taking it over to Liana & Mason's later today (Sunday). I saw them on Friday afternoon before Liana's D&E procedure. They were in the park by my office and had called me to stop by. I am just amazed at their strength. They are amazing people and I'm just so sorry for their loss. All of their losses. I promise when I see them I will hung them for all of you. This afternoon, we are also going to see Double Bubbie (Dylan's Great Grandmother). It's her birthday this week and we are all getting together for a group visit. It's so hard to see her. She has no idea who she is, where she is, etc. She was such an amazing woman in her youth. I think my sister nailed it on the head when she said that Gd forgot Grandmom. After visiting, we are headed to my boss' house for brunch. Dylan will get to play with his girlfriend (whose Mom taught me how to do the wrap) and we will have some grownup time too.

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