Sunday, November 27, 2005

You've heard of drunk dialing???

How about drunk blogging (snicker). Yep - after a few beers at the local bar where Marc and I had dinner and watched a little football and then, after coming home (I only had a few beers so I drove and then proceeded to have a few glasses of wine), I decided to post. ADOPTION PEOPLE - come here a second (told you I was drunk). Ok, you need to go to Target. No, not later, now! It's not too bad yet with the holiday shopping. Why is it at the end of the month and no one told me that Target was celebrating National Adoption Month??? Why did I discover this last night and not earlier?? Can I just say that Target (Tarje' as my Mom calls it) is my new favorite place in the whole wide world? Marc and I decided to stop and pick up a few things for Dylan and as we approached the check out counter there was a little corner thingie with adoption books. There were only two left. One was geared toward adoptions from China and the other was generic. It was wonderful. It wasn't geared toward domestic or international. It wasn't geared toward single, hetero couple or gay couple. EVERYONE was included. I stood in the middle of the isle in Target, reading this book with Marc and got very very emotional. Very excited. I'm too lazy to remember the name of the book right now (ok - too drunk) but it was based on an adoption song and if you really want to know, tell me and I'll post the name. So... after our little dinner thing at the bar, we came home and Marc built me a pretty awesome fire in the fireplace where I proceeded to roast a half a bag of marshmellows. You know how people say that if you deny your kids things that they will overindulge as adults? That's me... roasted marshmellows. Of course, my denial in the roasted marshmellow world is my parents would yell at me for roasting marshmellows over the flame of our gas stove. One of the millions of reasons I love my darling husband... he did the same thing when he was kid. Where's my Wessel??? I am thinking of you my friend. I hope you are well and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. My Dearest JanuaryOne (knitting readers - check out her uber awesome blog I'm so sorry I missed you. I heard my brother and your sister surprised everyone. I figured the little germ monkeys would be enough without me adding to the mix. I hope you will come down to meet Dylan. Time to see if my team won. Marc was cheering quite loudly a little while ago and since we were ahead, I hope it means we clinched it :)


  1. What was the surprise? That dinner went off without a hitch? No suprises there. At least not for me.

    It was surprisingly enjoyable - on both sides I think. And you were missed.

    Oh and the snot definitely was flying this weekend. It'll be a miracle if I'm not sick by Tuesday!

    Of course I'm going to come welcome Dylan. And I'll bring my camera!

  2. Oh and does it mean anything that I get drunk blogged?!

  3. I got the book "Why I chose you" at Target for Bug's adoption. They also had "I am chosen" bears.

  4. I'm here! I'm here! I'm not much for marshmellows, but if you have any chocolate to go with them, I'll eat. :-)

    I also love a nice, robust red wine. Got any?

    p.s., you're a sweetie to leave such a great comment for me--I love you! (slobbery, drunken hug and kiss)

  5. When I was a teenager I went to a beach party with a bunch of friends. We had Bacardi 151 and we were hammered. We decided to pick up some marshmellows to roast because we thought it would make us look like kids, not drunks, to be roasting marshmellows. Late into the night the cops came by to see what we were up to. We had dug holes in the sand under our blankets to stash the rum. I decided to be the spokes person for all the drunks. With my coat hanger in hand with marshmellow roasting away, turn to the office and said, "hello ocifer, we are marshing roastmellows"! Yeah, that was kind of a hint to the cop that we had been drinking!

  6. LOVE your drunk post! Way too funny. I've posted a couple of those but didn't label them drinken posts - but you have made me brave and next time I will fess up!
    OK - now about that passport.......:)