Monday, December 05, 2011

That's My Boy! He's Really Gets It!

Yesterday, we were running errands and it was clear that Dylan was just about at the end of his rope.  Instead of pushing the issue, I told Marc that I'd drop him and Dylan at the park and I'd go do the grocery/veggie shopping and pick them up after.  I ran to the produce store and the grocery store and called him to let him know I was on my way.

They got into the car and Marc looked like he was ready to kill someone.  A boy at the playground had a set of binoculars.  Dylan, who loves binoculars, telescopes and the like, asked to play with them.  The boy not only didn't let him play with them but taunted him with them.  As if that weren't bad enough, the little jerk then proceeded to try to turn the other children in the playground against Dylan.  The boy's older brother did his best to intervene but the kid's father just sat there on the bench like an ineffective asshole.  He did eventually take away the binoculars but never corrected the child's behavior.

I'm so proud of the two of them.  First, my husband for not punching the father in the throat and not telling Dylan to drop kick this guy's offspring into tomorrow.  Secondly for Dylan holding it together and not getting upset.  Sorry you little fucker, you didn't get the best of my boy.

Later, after the groceries were put away, Marc and Dylan went out to tackle what was left of the leaves.  We have a decent sized pile in front of the house.  I glanced out the window to see Dylan with two little girls from across the street.  It was the first time he's had a chance to play with them (I believe they are only with their Dad part time).  I watched as he showed them his new toy (that he earned for good behavior - this claw grabbing kinda thing).  He picked up some leaves with it and threw them into the air.  The girls laughed under the shower of leaves.  He then turned to the younger girl, taking a moment to show her how it works, and then gave it to her.  I'm not even sure if she asked to play with it, he just handed it over.  He let her play with it for some time and then he took it from her and gave it to her big sister.  I went out, introduced myself to the girls and then told Dylan I liked the way he was playing and went back inside knowing there would be no cries of "he's not sharing" or "she's being mean".  Just three kids playing nicely in the leaves.

When they finally came in I just gave him a big hug.  He smelled like leaves.

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  1. There is always some mean kid with an ineffective parent, isn't there?! Dylan is a ROCK STAR for not kicking that kid's butt (Dad too) and then turning around and sharing his own toy!! (love those claw grabby things)

    It's hard to hear about bullies - especially ones who try to turn the other kids (!) but you know what? I think it just made Dylan a stronger "superhero"! :)