Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Is that you?

Every so often, I see a hit from Australia.  Is that you Kim?  If so, come out, say hi, leave your email so I can say hi back :)


  1. I visit fairly regularly. I'm in Australia - but I'm Kathy not Kim.

  2. LOL - I know your hits :) This is a different IP. How are you my dear friend?

  3. Hey, took me a while to see your reply. We've been away in Melbourne for Christmas with Jason's brother and family.

    All good on our end. Can you believe Will is starting HIGH SCHOOL next year. He's 12 and a half! Scary.

    He has significant learning difficulties and ongoing problems with gross motor skills, memory, etc. So he's going into what's known as a IM unit in a mainstream high school (actually my old high school). This caters for children with "mild" intellectual disabilities.

    He is happy and excited about high school and so are we. We are hopeful he'll get the support he needs.

    Marianna is now 6 and a half. She's bent on world domination and she's starting with my mental health. She is a bright, outgoing girl who doesn't like hearing the word "no". She'll go far, unfortunately I'm not sure we'll survive the experience.

    We are off to Guatemala in April 2012 for a holiday and to meet Will's birthfamily with whom we've been in contact for 2 and a half years. Then we'll have 12 days in Orlando.

    Anyway, that's our lot in a nutshell.

    Happy New Year to you, Marc and Dylan. Lots of love from Down Under, Kathy.

  4. all what you need is here :


  5. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Did you mean KimKim? pugsleyandkimATgM A I L