Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm Such A Slacker!

My dear friend Karen over at Solodialogue just reminded me that I haven't updated on Dylan since we put him on meds.  All I can say is... wow.  It's like the world has been on fast forward for him and giving him this medication put it on pause.  He is noticing things in his environment like he's never seen them before, yet they were there since he was a baby.  The content of his speech has been off the hook.  He wants us to know what he's seeing and what he thinks about it.  Not bad for a kid with a severe speech delay huh? 

Initial reports from school have been incredible.  He went from last year only having a good day occassionally to have great days and good days daily.  His teacher is thrilled and thinks he'll be reading by December! 

I've been told that we are terrible parents because we are drugging our kid.  Fuck them. 


  1. Yeah, screw them! This is great news! You know, medicine is there to help, so why wouldn't you give it to your son when it helps him so darn much? People can be so stupid! I'm so glad he's doing well!

  2. Oh lord, whoever told you that is a complete asshole - you've got the right attitude, and you know what's best for Dylan. So glad the meds are working!

  3. How could such a short post make me cry! I am so happy for Dylan and for you. This is amazing!! Eff them for sure, my darling. Hooray for Dylan.