Thursday, June 16, 2011

Special Needs = Friendless??

Thankfully, not in our world. 

Dylan goes to an aftercare program at a facility that has a wonderful special needs program.  It ranges from children to adults and has everything from Passover Sedars, to drumming programs, to camp advocates and everything in between.  It also prides itself on the fact that "special needs kids don't feel special here".  Meaning, they are treated like everyone else and every effort is made for inclusion. 

This type of community, one that embraces and works hard at inclusion has an interesting effect on the NT children and adults who spend time there. 

When Dylan was in his school run after care program, it was a nightmare.  The adults didn't facilitate play with the children and Dylan was routinely left out or exluded by the other children.  The result was him acting out and being asked to leave the program.

We moved him into the program he is out now and, we've had some issues with Dylan's impulse control issues, it's been a wonderful experience. 

Today, my best friend volunteered to pick him up at school and drop him off for me.  She called me after she dropped him at aftercare and told me that she hopes when her son is older, the "same thing will happen to him".  I asked her what she was talking about and she said "Dylan walked into the room and all the kids started yelling "Dylan, play with me!  Be on my team!"  ~insert tears of joy~  We've worried, because of his experience at the school program, that he wasn't included.  I'm happy to say those worries were unfounded.


  1. That's great to hear. I hope it continues to go well for Dylan.

    How is Marc going?