Friday, June 12, 2009

More on Masto

So while I was up in Beantown, Dr. Castells ordered some additional testing. Some blood work and a urinalysis. I'm happy to report the blood work came back normal. Urine... not so much. My Prostaglandins:D2 levels are, um, elevated. By elevated I mean 10x normal (Normal is between 100-280 and I'm 1241). I was totally freaking out.

My dear friend Fiona, a fellow sufferer and genius extraordinaire provided me with some information on PD2 and Masto. Turns out it has something to do w/lungs, can be associated with COPD and of course, my thoughts go back to Dad.

I know he had this. I am positive about it. I can't help but wonder... would his COPD been as bad had he been diagnosed? Would taking a different regimen of drugs made his quality of life any different?? Not that this changes anything but it does make me very sad. Sad that something could have made his breathing a little easier if only they had found this.

Next weekend I have a follow up appointment with my allergist. From what I gather from Dr. Castells, it was quite a find she made... this masto. She seemed surprised that she would order a tryptase level. I want to give her a big hug. Not that I'm happy to have this disease but more that it was caught very early on (comparatively speaking) and hopefully, with the proper medications, I can expect to have not only a normal life expectancy but a good quality of life as well.

Of course, quality of life is, in some cases, a choice. If I don't choose to get my fat ass in the gym and get my eating under control, I won't see a good quality of life. Marc and I have an appointment with a nutritionist (we had an initial appointment and are very excited at the prospect to be working with her) and next week - I'm back in the gym.


  1. Thanks for telling us more about your appointment with Dr. Castells and the tests you had done. It helps a lot to hear your experience. Sorry about the elevated PD2. Hope it doesn't have too much significance for you!

  2. You are a seeker of truths, as much as I (and seeker of those things untrue and this is quite a journey we seem to be on. I blush at your accolades of me, and graciously thank you for yet another poignant post.