Thursday, June 21, 2007

This I Believe

This I believe Have a hankie ready!


  1. WOW - I just read this yesterday !(I'm a big NPR fan) I sent it my husband because I thought he could relate. It left me teary-eyed knowing my little man will, too, never look like me but he's made ME the woman I wanted to be.

  2. Thanks for visiting. Good luck!

  3. Wow, awesome story. Made me teary-eyed too. Thanks for the link.

  4. Anonymous7:58 PM

    It is beautiful, and so heartfelt.

    But ... forgive me ... I take issue wiith this one statement -

    "In the next year or two, a little girl will be born and her parents will not want her."

    "Cannot keep and raise her" might very well be the case.

    Not only in China, but in all countries, that may be the reason a child is offered for adoption.

    Sometimes it is due to age, finances, or a vast variety of reasons that shape a birth mother's decision not to parent herself.
    And while birth mothers are forever thankful that their child finds loving parents such as the writer here, her heart will also forever hope all are aware surrendering the babe wasn't due to "not wanting", but rather actually "wanting" the best.

    A small distinction, perhaps, but an important one.