Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An Update and Observations

I called the caseworker at Dylan's school.  I asked her where we stood on our request to get him a one on one.  She said "well... this year isn't going to happen".  I stopped her and explained, again, that we are not unreasonable and we understand that this year is shot where that is concerned.  HOWEVER, I wanted to know if my request for a one on one will be in his IEP.  The answer was yes.  There are still some paperwork bullshit to get through but yes, it will be done.  ~insert happy dance~


1.  Since pulling Dylan off food dyes (all), he no longer has uncontrolable meltdowns.  When he does melt - it's for good reason and it's easily managed.

2.  My son is smart.  Like wicked smart.  I explained to him once about how there are certain foods (like candy and ice pops) that have "ickies" in them and that is what makes him so angry sometimes.  I have since found out that he will turn down candy because they have ickies or ask someone to check to see if something has ickies in it before he'll eat it.  He understands what those nasty dyes do to him physically and emotionally and he just doesn't like it.

3.  We paid over $10,000 in medical last year between me and Dylan (mostly Dylan).  It was worth every.single.penny.  His speech is coming along beautifully, we are parenting better, and he loves the therapeutic riding and just thinks it's fun.

4.  We are so very blessed to have Dylan as our son.  His smile lights up every room.  He's so full of love and is able to share it with those he cares for.  He's smart and incredibly funny (although I could live without his adoration of everything that is farting). 

5.  I'm getting better at filling his sensory needs with the strangest things. Last night, he was a bit overstimulated so I had him roll limes for me for juicing.  I placed my hand over his and pushed down and rolled the lime around the table.  He did it for as long as he needed and then went into the other room to play - calm as could be.

6.  I need to work on not getting upset when his need for sensory input involves getting into dirty water after being told not to go near it.  Gross!  I have to realize if I don't catch the signs, he'll do it himself. 

Oh that reminds me, his teacher told me that if he needs sensory input, he'll actually go into the corner, get the brush and start brushing himself.  How cool is that?

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  1. Dylan is doing amazing!! I'm so happy for you (and a bit jealous). You are an amazing mom to know how to handle all these things. Love the juicing. I'm not much of a lime girl - love the lemons though - gonna put the little man to work!!

    So cool that he starts brushing himself!! That's a smart young man! My son just asks for the brush - "like Miss Monica" his OT!

    We've kind of had the "farting" phase here where he makes the noises with his mouth and laughs hysterically - but he seemed to have gotten over that rather quickly!! Lol!

    Glad to see things are going well for you!