Friday, April 03, 2009

Having a hard time wrapping my head around things

You know... most people who have a chronic condition or a disease, there is a process. If you are suspected of having a tumor, they do a biopsy. If they find "x" kinds of cells, that means it's malignant and you have cancer and treat it with a number of different things. If they find "y" cells, it's benign and you just keep an eye on it. If your husband has low sperm count and poor morphology and you have a high FsH chances are you're not getting knocked up naturally, if at all.

I get that... diseases and their processes usually make a lot of sense to me. This mastocytosis bullshit??? Not so much. Trying to understand why one person's levels are so much lesser than mine yet she can't leave her house otherwise she shocks. I'm trying very hard not to obsess about this... I really am. But I'm failing miserably. I want to understand this. I want to know what this all means. Unfortunately, I think I'm going to have to wait until I meet with Dr. Castells at the end of May (blech).

Oh, I emailed her yesterday and asked if she wants me to have any other tests prior to seeing her. I need to get an abdominal CT and a densitometry (off to google that one). I love my regular doctor. She is amazing. The most caring doctor I have ever met in my life. Everyone I have sent to her is just blown away by her. It's like you are working with a friend, not a doctor. I forwarded the email to her to set up the tests (or issue the prescriptions so I can set up the tests).

OK - ENOUGH WHINING - on to the fun stuff.

Potty training is going really well. Averaging 1 accident a day. Seems to be a poop issue. He doesn't want to poop in the potty but he has gotten much better about sitting on the potty for a spell. Yesterday, he had no accidents but we aren't sure if it's a Dylan didn't poop at all yesterday or a Dylan pooped on the potty and no one told us. Oh well, I asked the teacher to check w/the teacher who worked w/him yesterday and to just make a note as to whether or not he did. I don't want to end up with a backed up boy.


  1. Sorry about the hard time you are going through with the medical issues. It certainly sounds confusing to me.

    Hooray for the potty training though! Gabe got backed up at first because he didn't want to poop on the potty, but eventually, the boy just couldn't hold it anymore.

  2. I am sorry this is such a struggle, but at least the potty training is going better...

  3. Good to catch up with your life. Glad you're still blogging!

    So sorry to hear about your medical issues, hopefully the specialist will have some positive news about stabiling the condition.

    Can't believe Dylan is almost 4. We had toilet training issues with Will too. He got the #1 part pretty quicly, but the #2 part took a long time. He kept "saving it up" for his night time nappy but that didn't always work so he'd have accidents at daycare. Anyway, he's now almost 10 and no more accidents, day or night.

    Our Marianna will be 4 at the end of May. How time flies!

    Best wishes from Down Under.

  4. Why am I so behind in checking that you've been updating your blog? I am an horrific friend!

    This mastocytosis is odd and with many conditions, there is no linearity (worse labs=worse disease). Please let us know what the specialist says!

  5. such an individualized disease...takes one to know just one...I have always said.
    Joe Tornatore, Masto