Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

A happy Valentine's day to everyone still hanging around this silly blog. I had such a wonderful weekend.

Marc had Dylan "sign" my card. On the envelope Dylan drew a picture of me, Marc, Dylan, the cats with a circle around me which represented him hugging me. I had Dylan do the same on Marc's card. It was too cute. Marc made me dinner after Dylan was in bed. We just sat in the dining room, lit some candles and had a nice romantic dinner. We just talked, ate and drank the night away. When we were done we both said "we need to do this more often".

Dylan's day care was closed today so yesterday he went to Bubbe's house for the evening. Two of his cousins found out and insisted they had to go too. My Mom said that the kids were great with Dylan and enjoyed taking care of him. Even the little one who is 6 months older was careful with him which is very sweet.

While Dylan was with Bubbe, we took advantage of the grown up time and went out for a nice dinner. I had a bit of a reaction to something. I'm hoping it wasn't the seafood - part of me thinks it was psychosomatic but I took a benedryl just in case.

Today my Mom took them to the local aquarium on my pass. They all had a great time. My Mom called and sounded so exhausted! Happy but exhausted. Now he's at my sisters hanging out till we get there.

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