Monday, August 28, 2006

And Now for Something Completely Important!

My buddies over at the Weight Watchers GDT have ramped up this year's fundraising for the Boston Race for the Cure. Last year they raised a boatload of money (over $35,000 if memory serves) and are working hard to surpass that this year. Breast cancer kills too many people. Too many woman and men and children are affected by this horrible disease. Let's knock it out! GO TEAM GDT!!!!!


  1. Hi Julie. I must have missed the post wherein you discussed going password protect for your blog. I miss you! Can I get the password, pretty please, with sugar on top????

  2. Anonymous11:37 PM

    Julie, this is Steve from the Fusioncube blog. I wanted to thank you for the effort you made to check out where we would be if we switched agencies, but I'm happy to announce and that Michelle and I got the call tonight!!

  3. I would love a password too! I have been checking her daily wondering where the heck you went...

  4. Anonymous1:19 AM

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